My First Blog

Hi!  Welcome to my first blog.  A new endeavor for me–nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I started freelance writing in January of 2014.  It started as a lark.  I’ve always loved writing and I just wanted to see if I could do it.  I was curious if I could write something that would get published and that I would get paid for.  It worked!  I’ve had 25 articles published on Yahoo! Voices.  I realize that this is a small accomplishment, but it is a start.  I’m ready to venture a little deeper in the water and see what floats.

I like to learn new things and I like to voice my opinion.  So, here I am at my new blog.  I’m going into this knowing that no one will be reading it, which is making it easier for me to write without thinking about it.  I will keep writing and I will get better.  The more I write, I will learn what I like to write about and I will find my voice.  I hope that by the time anyone reads this, this post will be buried deep in the past.  By then I hope to have found my niche, my rhythm, and my voice.

So to you, my imaginary reader, welcome aboard.  Let’s see where this crazy train takes us.

About Carolynn Waites

I enjoy the opportunity to learn and discover new things about the world in which we live. Along with freelance writing, I work at a library and I enjoy animals, reading books, gardening, crafting, and watching good television shows. I volunteer at a local zoo where I work as a keeper aide. This is one way I feed my passion for animals. I am a licensed airplane pilot and I strongly believe in the power and importance of education. My husband Shawn and I currently have one cat (Sami) and one dog (Rocky). We live in Manvel, TX just outside of Houston.
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